About Us

Yes I said about us I know. While this is about me, Cebelengwane yet also it is about you, the reader. Thus, about us.

Who is Cebelengwane

Cebelengwane is a siSwati name, it means a piece. My friends call me Slyce. I’m a 26 years old, a young man (I hope) and here to share my piece of knowledge, pun intended. I like technology a lot but being from a third world country limits your exposure to new and innovative technology but thankfully we have access to the wide world web. As costly as it is to access it (and worth it) I have been exposed to some of this technology. And through web browsing came my commitment to acquire my new custom desktop rig fitted with the latest and greatest tech I could afford ( not, “that money can buy”. Third world remember)

Why PC and Laptop rams

Well, computers are tiny bit complicated yet so simply. Sometimes you go on a web looking for answers and find yourself with a lot more questions (which some times is a good thing) which is mostly frustrating. I’m hoping to give you a straight satisfactory answers and less technical stuff that is hard to comprehend.

My aim for this site

>To help you understand the function of a ram in your PC or Laptop.
>To be able to aid in understanding clearly which ram you require for your PC or laptop if and when you decide to juice it up a bit or a lot.


I hope with both leave this site having enriched ourselves with some knowledge.


All the best,




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